Babette Doll Fashions -


This is an overview of how I determine 
prices for my doll fashions:


Basic Category:

Fabrics used in basic category retail in the 10.00 per yard price range.
Patterns are basic styles, less pattern pieces and stitching.  Minimal embellishment, trims, lace, flowers, etc.

Basic dress 20.00
Basic long dress 40.00
basic pant or skirt 10.00
basic  jacket 20.00
basic coat 25.00
basic blouse 15.00
basic hat 10,00
basic handbag 10.00
basic gloves 10.00
accessories,belt, cumber-bun, jewelry

Premium Category:

Fabrics used in the premium category retail in the 20.00 per yard range, or may be more challenging to work with.
Patterns are complicated styles with more pattern pieces and stitching. More embellishments, trims, lace, sequins, rhinestones,embroidery, flowers etc.

premium dress 40.00
premium long dress 60.00
premium pant or skirt 20.00
premium jacket 30.00
premium Coat 35.00
premium Blouse 25.00
premium hat 20.00
premium handbag 20.00
premium gloves 20.00
accessories,belt cumber-bun, jewelry 
10.00 - up

Please note that I do not do special orders,
This is so that I do not frustrate myself or the other party. LOL
I do my best work when I am not under pressure.
I do appreciate and consider your suggestions.  
If there is something you would like made again from my gallery, 
let me know on my contact me page.
Please keep watching my for sale pages!
Thank You,

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