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" I Love to sew and lose myself in the creative process

of a project. I like to challenge myself and try something new.

When a new piece turns out well, I a​m thrilled.

When it doesn't, I learn something.


Dear Deanna,.

I've seen her dress "Salome" in magazine Haute Doll and to congratulate them! On the new clothes the it for the 16 "Poppy and Peggy Sew I am pleased already! I'm just in the thinking about whether I me a American model buy, because their clothes are so beautiful.

For me, sew the most beautiful clothes that are on eBay!

Kind regards



Hi Deanna

I'm going to leave feedback in a minute but I wanted to tell you that it's not POSSIBLE to express my delight in the number of characters I'm allowed in E-Bay Feedback. What a TERRIFIC ensemble!! I hope you find more use for that rust/orange plaid, too! I haven't put the jeans on anyone yet but just to look at them and see that all the little pockets work (only the BEST sellers do that!)

THANK YOU so much for a lovely fall-ish outfit!



Hi Deanna,

I got home late tonight and I was so thrilled to see that my dress was here.I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this dress!!! It is perfect! I was

so surprised to see how you put the trim at the bottom - I think it looks fantastic. You are a great designer. It fits perfectly - I am going to have to come up with some red shoes or paint a pair that I have to complete the outfit. Your sewing is impeccable - The stitching through the entire dress is just beautiful. I really appreciated how you had the dress wrapped so nicely. It was like Christmas (LOL)!


"I collect 24" Deluxe Reading High Heeled dolls. Finding clothes, true to the 1950's when these dolls were made is very difficult. I find them on ebay but most of the clothes come with dolls. I bid on all the dresses that torigian makes. They are true to the style and the fabric of the 1950's. I bid on everyone that she sells, and unfortunately I don't always win. Her craftmanship is excellent and of good quality. I am so happy that I found her and hope that she makes more clothes for my dolls, I have dozens that are not period dressed. If you are looking for good quality period clothes for your dolls, you can get them from her. I will keep bidding."

S. Greer

"I have purchased several dresses for 18" Kitty Collier and absolutely love them. All are beautifully made both inside and out. Kitty looks very elegant & classy in her apparel!"


I recently purchased two dresses for my Kitty Collier 18 inch doll. The dresses were of superior quality, excellent workmanship and styled perfectly for Kitty. The dresses were shipped quickly and packed with care. I just love her dresses. I can't wait to purchase more.

Nikki Volker

Deanna thank you so much for the outfit. It is amazing! The close attention to detail is beyond measure. I love the way the outfit fits my Ellowyne. Very professional. I will back time and time again. Great choice of fabrics.



For more testimonials see feed back on my e-bay site. Seller account is Torigian.

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